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Friday, August 1, 2008

Transmission Media

In networking there are two types of transmission namely wired and wireless transmission. Technically speaking the medium is of two types namely guided and unguided media. The guided media commonly used for transmission are twisted pair, coaxial cable and optical fibers. Twisted pair is the normal telephone cable that provides broadband connection to our homes. It can support data rates upto 8Mbps. The other option available is coaxial cables like the ones used for cable television which can support data rates upto 500Mbps. Optical fibers can provide ultra speed internet access with a data rate of 2Gbps but they are commonly used in trunking circuits and long haul networks. Skin effect is the limiting factor at higher frequencies.

Wireless transmission enables you to access internet on the move. Mobile access is possible with the help of a device called antenna. The unguided transmission maybe directional or omnidirectional depending on the requirement and the type of antenna used. Wireless technology is much more complex and scientists are working on higher data rates and security aspects.